Welcome to CloudCraft

Minecraft Survival Server with a Difference



Welcome to CloudCraft! We're a small, community based Minecraft Survival Server with a difference! With lots to do, friendly players and experienced staff, what reason is there not to join?

Child Friendly

CloudCraft is a safe server, free of innapropriate content. We provide a positive environment for younger players, while keeping the server fun for older ones too! We provide support for new players, and have active and dedicated staff to moderate the chat.

Staff Team

The staff on CloudCraft are dedicated to our server, providing a safe enviornment for all players. They follow a strict punishment criteria for misbehaving players, which includes warnings, bans from the server and from the chat. Our staff team have years of experience on our server, some of which have been active since 2014 when we began our journey! We make sure all players are happy on the server, and if they have any problems we are quick to resolve them. A list of rules can be found here!

Grief Prevention

Any player can create a land claim, which only allows people they choose to build in it, therefore preventing griefs. This is highly configurable for the player, letting them choose if a player can build or just open doors or chests, for instance. In case you forgot to claim your land, our staff team will be more than happy to help you re-build your build!


Here are some live server statistics to get you started!


Current Players


Maximum Slots


Years of Experience


Dedicated Staff Members


Here are some things which we like to think make our server unique. After all, what other server has all these things packed together?

Elytra Crafting

Tired of waiting to fight the ender dragon to get an Elytra? Here on CloudCraft, you can simply gather some materials in the overworld and craft one using this recipe!

Spawn Egg Generation

Is it taking a while to move mobs from different biomes to your farm? Simply throw a normal egg at any mob and you'll instantly recieve a spawn egg in your inventory!

Chest Sorting

On our server, you don't have to manually sort through new items when you put them in your chest or inventory, our automated system will do it for you!


Taking ages to get new money through your in-game shop? Sign up for a job using the command '/jobs' to earn more money using your chosen profession!

Chainmail Crafting

You no longer have to skip straight from leather armour to iron armour, you can now craft chainmail armour using the recipies for: helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots.

Spawner Mining

Found a rare mob spawner in a cave or mineshaft? Bring it home with you by mining it after you enchant your pickaxe with silk touch!

No Phantoms

Getting killed every time you go outside, and aren't able to sleep because nobody else will? We have a solution for that problem too - Phantoms simply don't exist on our server!

Multiple Inventories

Gone exploring to other biomes but forgot to empty your inventory? Get access to more inventories by using the '/pv 1' command!

Create Shops

Want to open a shop and start selling items in Minecraft? You can do this on our server and start earning money - just follow this tutorial for help!