CyanFade's Staff application


New member
Staff member
What is your name?
1. My name is Anthony Stene.

What is your preferred nickname?
2. People usually call me Ant, and i prefer sticking to it.

What age are you?
3. My age is 13 right now.

What is your time zone?
4. I live in Norway, So my time zone is 5-6 hours more then the US.

What languages can you speak?
5. I can speak Norwegian and English.

What is your current rank?
6. My current rank is "Evolved"

How long have you been playing Minecraft?
7. I've been playing Minecraft for 6-7 Years.

How long have you been playing on CloudCraft?
8. I've been playing CloudCraft for around 15 Hours to this date, with my friend NaruBones.

How active are you on the server?
9. I would play 1-2 hours normally a day if i don't have any training's standing in my way, If i would get admin i would most likely play allot more.

Have you previously donated?
10. No i have never donated, And i don't have the money to do it either.

Have you previously been banned?
11. Yes, i have been banned for 10 seconds, but i asked Dan to do it.

Do you have a Discord account? (Do not provide your username here.)
12. Yes, i do have a Discord account.

Why would you like to be staff?
13. I would like to be staff to help and prevent negative things to happened to the server.

Why are you suitable for this role?
14. To help people who are in need of help and even try to help people who aren't and because i don't want anything bad or negative to happened to the server.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
15. I'm pretty good to socialize and to help other, and i'm not so good at PVP.