My application for Assistant HoS


What is your name? Alve/CptCobe

What is your preferred nickname?Alve

What age are you?12/13 soon

What is your time zone?Sweden +5 Usa time

What languages can you speak? Swedish,English,Spanish and very little German

What is your current rank?Admin/Immortal

How long have you been playing Minecraft?4-6 years

How long have you been playing on CloudCraft? 5 months /ah the good old days)

How active are you on the server? 2-4 hours per day

Have you previously donated? Yes,I bought Immortal rank

Have you previously been banned? Some times, not serious ones though.

Do you have a Discord account? (Do not provide your username here.) Yes

Why would you like to be staff?I would like to be a HoS due to dan wanting to fire Bluu and due to I find cloud craft really fun and to help out even more will be awesome!

Why are you suitable for this role?I would say I am suitable for this role because I've made many ideas and kits as Admin and I plan on adding even more when I get Assistant HoS

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Strength:ideas and some originality to them. Weakness:Coding and pvp.

Any other information?Poppy is cute.

Thank you for taking time reviewing/watching this and taking time for it. -Alve Admin of CC when writing this.


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Points ?/? i vouch for i dont know because as according to the staff rules, no staff are allowed to comment or give feedback on applications before 2 weeks have passed