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What is CloudCraft all about?
- CloudCraft is a community-based, vanilla (Spigot) semi-survival server run by dandabs. We offer many unique features all combined into one small, community server.

Does CloudCraft have a Discord server, and why should I join it?
- Cloudcraft has a Discord server; you should join it because it's great fun to be part of, and you'll get updated frequently of whats going on with the server. You also get extra helpful permissions.

Q3: Why does the server have 1.32 pvp?

A3: We have chosen to keep the server at 1.32 because the server is centered around community and PVE (Player versus Enemy) and 1.8-ish pvp invites autoclicker abuse.

Q4: How do I become staff?

A4: First off, we wont give staff free or sell it, staff is a rank/work you earn from being active on the forums, you also need to be active on the server, to apply for staff, use the Staff appliction template, NOTE! Putting it anywhere then in the Staff applications "section" will classify it as instantly denied. (Link to the staff application template: (This doesn't need to be copied but you can do that to!)

Q5: How big is the World the server is hosted on?

A5: First off, the world is a custom-seeded world with custom biomes, but onto the rellevant question, the server is 4019200 blocks cubed in total.

That concludes Verision 1 of the qna, if more questions gets asked frequently and rellevantly, we will add it!

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