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Hey everyone and welcome back to the forums, for probably the third time in two days...

As usual, we're preparing for the CloudCraft anniversary ceremony way too early, though this time it maybe isn't a bad thing because, 1, this is a massive achievement, and 2, we're doing it before summer (hopefully).
Our HoS, Aidy, has been busy sending out DMs to almost 50 of our previous players and staff members to ask them if they want to take part in the ceremony - there's loads of stuff they can participate in, such as making a short speech about the server, being interviewed or even hosting the entire event!
For the past four years of ceremonies, we've just let the staff participate, but this year we're making a slight difference to this tradition - players and Newbie+ members can take part!

For the ceremony this year we're preparing a short video, named 'Life of CloudCraft' (shortened to LoCC). This will showcase the previous five years of the server, having it made up of videos from my old YouTube videos on the server, featuring old members such as Soul, Jemma and Matt. We'll be putting this together either this month or March, along with clips recorded of our players (in-game) telling us what they enjoy about the server (voice recording done either over Discord or another platform). If any players or staff want to record one of these short, 5 - 10 second clips just send me a DM or mention me on our Discord server. Please note though that we won't be recording any more clips after March - this date may change. We also need clips of players building in game, maybe something like a speed-build, if you want to do one of these (without a mic / VC), just DM me!

If anyone is wondering, for the anniversary ceremony we've decided we need a certain number of people doing each separate thing. Here are the figures we have came up with:

  • People on Stage Desk: 4. (2x Co-owner, 1x Founder, 1x Head Owner)
  • People to be Interviewed: 5.
  • People giving Speeches: 5.
  • Tech Desk Operators: 2.
  • Event Host: 1.

This means we need 17 people in total LIVE at the event - meaning we'll actually break our player record by a lot if this all goes to plan. Don't forget we also need normal players to sit in the audience!

Sorry that this was a really long post, I just don't want to be making multiple announcements about this. Hopefully the ceremony will be in March sometime, again, the date may change depending on how many people we get in contact with. Remember to DM / mention me if you want to make a video telling us what you like, or another in-game speed-build etc.

Thank you for reading this,

Dan :)