We’re a non-P2W server meaning that players don’t need to donate real money to enjoy the server.


Our server is mostly child friendly, and we provide tools and support for children to make sure they’re safe and have fun.


We’ve developed a custom monarchy SMP gamemode, which is the main focus for CloudCraft.


Players can claim their builds and creations with a golden shovel and only let certain players build in their areas.

About our Server

CloudCraft’s history is one of the things we pride ourselves on the most.

Starting in a small desert biome, surrounded by a plains biome all the way back in November 2014, our server has experienced a lot of change over the past six years. We’ve been through a lot of different players, staff, gamemodes and builds during this time. A lot of our current staff team has been with us from the very start of the server, and have a lot of experience on how to deal with players.

Some of our favourite features

We asked the CloudCraft community what their favourite things about CloudCraft were.
Here are a few of the responses we got back from them.


A lot of CloudCraft’s players say that the server would be worthless to them without our community.

The players and staff on the server are all very close to each other and everyone feels like a family of people they can trust.


Our players enjoy being able to build whatever they want, wherever they want.

Creative mode is freely given out to many players to ask for it, and they are able to express their creativity and imagination in any place they want to on our server.


On CloudCraft, we have a custom terrain and world generator, so that the map isn’t the same as the vanilla one.

We have custom trees, builds, structures, caves, mountains and more for you to explore and discover by yourself.


CloudCraft has succeeded to incorporate a very realistic theme to the server. The time inside the server syncs with the time in Helsinki, Finland.

A lot of players have also decided to take on a challenge of building their own home towns or cities inside the Mekakushi region.


hydro resigned


During the year, we host many server events for players and staff. We have multiple theatres and studios inside our staff headquarters, and we use these for all of our planned productions.

The most popular event throughout the year is the traditional anniversary ceremony.

CloudCraft turns 5.

The Monarchy Era

In January 2020, CloudCraft entered a new Era of its life – the Monarchy era. During this time, the core staff team carefully planned out the redesign for the server, and still to this day are adding new features. Here’s a basic rundown of how our Monarchy theme works.


CloudCraft is home to four regions; Kodoresu, Sotogawa, Shoko and Mekakushi. Each of these regions has a different theme, and is run by a monarch. These are each 10kx10k blocks in area.


Each region’s founding monarch is picked at the start of each year or extended period of time, and during the year, players battle over the monarch position to gain top spot in their region.


The regional cities are the core part of each region. These are the main place where players build their homes and other buildings. Most of the time, the monarch and their friends/workers develop these areas at the start of their reign.


The wasteland is home to many features of the server you may not expect. Inside this small area outside the regions, it has more dangerous gameplay elements and global server features such as the hub, parkours and PvP arenas.

The Monarchy Era


Each region has multiple train stations, with trains which players can board to connect them between different regions or parts of their own region. They are teleported and locked inside a train for a realistic amount of time until they arrive at their destination.

Region Points

The regions on CloudCraft each collect points, and at the end of each two month period, the top region will be rewarded as well as the top 3 players of each region. Points can be collected by completing parkours, killing mobs and players and breaking blocks.


The general SMP gameplay on CloudCraft is not much different to any other server. However, we have custom terrain, and multiple additional plugins to make the gameplay a little different for our players.

Build Showcase

A few CloudCraft creations by our players over the past 6 years.

Meet the Monarchs

Each of the four regions of CloudCraft have a monarch which supervises that region.


The 3rd Monarch of the Shoko region is valxteri, one of our only Finnish players. The Shoko region showcases an older, more laid-back style of buildings at the heart of its city. Valxteri has also built a replica of his home city Turku in his region, which has proven to be a popular server attraction.


A founding member of the Monarch Era at CloudCraft, and the first assigned monarch of the era, Ochi has transitioned the capital city of CloudCraft into a beautiful city. Kodoresu’s city centre also has small plots for all players to showcase their abilities.

Pending Election

The Sotogawa monarch will be elected shortly.

Check back at this page later for more information.


Currently one of our longest playing staff members, frithiof07 has resumed his staff position as well as becoming the 1st Mekakushi monarch. His region is home to the most realistic part of CloudCraft – the real life city replicas.

Latest News

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Take a look for yourself and see what really makes CloudCraft special for all of our players and staff members over the years, and see why it holds a special place in our hearts.

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